About The Afrofutism Collection

Treat your kids, family and yourself to some awesome art prints from the The Afrofuturism Collection.  We have about a dozen 12 x18 Art prints for sale featuring positive futuristic art by talented artists. Check out our selection and pick something nice to hang in your home, school, dorm, or office today.

Why Buy?

When you by from The Afrofuturism Collection you are not only supporting independent artists, you are supporting a vision where people of color are represented in a positive way. 

What is Afrofuturism?

The term Afrofuturism was first coined by Mark Dery in 1993. Afrofuturism is a literary and cultural aesthetic that combines elements of science fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, Afrocentricity, and magic realism.  It has become a new cultural expression that includes music, art, clothing.